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Interview with Anna Of The North: Fire beneath the ice!

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                                                                    Interview with Anna Of The North: Fire beneath the ice!


 Interview with Anna Of The North: Fire beneath the ice!

Anna Of The North -  Photo credits ©  Ika Iskaa


05/30/2020 : Apple has chosen Anna Of The North and her track "Dream Girl' for the commercial of their new iPad Pro! 

We're very pleased to welcome the Norwegian singer Anna Of The North (Anna Lotterud) on Humanvibes. Her 2nd album Dream Girl will be released October 25th under the label Different Recordings, distributed in France by the label [Pias], and she'll be giving a concert in Paris November 5th at the venue Badaboum. In Norway, fjords are often linked to one another. Songwriter, composer and singer, Anna's music allows us to connect with each other thanks to her elegant electro-pop style and her meaningful lyrics.

Here is the first interview in both english and french on Humanvibes!


Hi Anna, you’ll be releasing your second album Dream Girl on October 5th. Is this release more scary than your first album Lovers?

That’s a bit scary, the process of it was very different than the first album, there were more people involved. I was travelling a lot, I went writing to Los Angeles, London, it’s been a nice process where I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve grown as an artist, a writer, a musician and a singer, so it has been really good for me. I think it was more about figuring out who I am, finding all these people, trying to get each part right and shape both myself and this album. This whole album is really important to me and my career.

Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North -  Photo credits ©  Ika Iskaa


What is the idea behind this album?

To be honest when I started writing it, I didn’t have a plan for it at all. For me, I think writing music isn’t about having a big concept or anything, it was a way to get stuff out go my system. It is something I do because I really enjoy doing it, I don’t do it because I’m going to try to make number 1 hit. So I just started organically, then the concept of the album kind of appeared. I wrote this song Dream Girl and did the music video with these elf ears and angel wings and suddenly all the songs became this fantasy world, where I made my own universe. Whenever I write music, I can be personal with some songs and some other songs can just be stories, it’s a dreamy space where the listeners can dream themselves away.

Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North -  Photo credits ©  Ika Iskaa


You released your music video for Dream Girl on September 19th, how did you come up with this concept?

I worked with the director Noah Lee for my music video Leaning On Myself and he asked me what I wanted to do, and said I could do whatever I wanted. I said that I wanted elf ears like we did with Leaning On Myself. I wanted to take that further because this is such a dreamy song. The concept was just to have these elf ears, just being this total normal girl in different settings. This elf character is kind of an alter ego, it comes and goes, I remember the first time I had elf ears, I felt very cool, very different [Laughs.]

You did a featuring in this new album with Charlie Skien called Reasons. How was it working with him?

Charlie is from Norway, we have the same friend group and I’ve always wanted to do something with him because I really love his voice and we went to the studio. Sometimes, you go to the studio and you don’t get anything, sometimes you get a song, and as soon as we wrote a song, with his voice on it, it was just perfect. It was super fun!

Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North -  Photo credits ©  Ika Iskaa


You’ll be giving a concert in Paris on November 5th at the venue Badaboum, what should we expect?

You should expect some musics from my old album, some from my new album and hopefully a very good time. We can dance and have fun together. You can expect a lovely night with good energy and good vibes.

Anna, thank you!

Thank you.


Interview by Marylou on 09/20/2019


And to go further:

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The venue Badaboum in Paris 



Dream Girl music video

  Anna Of The North(2019) - Dream Girl - Youtube


Thank me later music video

  Anna Of The North(2019) - Thank Me Later - Youtube


 Used to be music video

 Anna Of The North(2019) - Used To Be - Youtube


 Leaning on myself live performance

Anna Of The North(2019) - Leaning on myself - NRK P3 -Youtube


Fire from her first album Lovers on Norway tv show Senkveld

Anna Of The North(2017) - Fire on Senkveld - Youtube


Marylou / Humanvibes

Published on 10/10/2019


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