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QQQA of Anna Of The North

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                                                                              QQQA of Anna Of The North


QQQA of Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North -  Photo credits ©  Ika Iskaa


05/30/2020 : Apple has chosen Anna Of The North and her track "Dream Girl' for the commercial of their new iPad Pro! 

For Humanvibes, the Norwegian songwriter, composer and singer Anna Of The North aka Anna Lotterud, is answering our "Quick Question Quick Answer" interview. You can go see her concert in Paris on November 5th at the venue Badaboum, where she'll be singing songs from her 2nd album Dream Girl, that will be released on October 25th under the label Different Recordings, distributed in France by the label [Pias].

The first QQQA interview for Humanvibes in both english and french!


Your go-to song?

“Because you loved me” from Céline Dion.

Your motto in life?

 You can get through everything that comes along your way.

Your favorite dish?

Tacos with pineapple.

The most distinctive aspect of your personality?

I have my head in the clouds, I lose my phone ten times a day and it’s just in my purse. When I leave my apartment, I never remember if I locked the door or not so I go back up and lock it. I think nowadays with social media and your phone it’s so easy to get distracted from what you’re actually doing, so your mind is always elsewhere.

One that you hate to see in others?

People that are unfair.

You can’t live without?


What would you say is the most Norwegian thing that represent you?

Probably being quite shy in a way. When I went to New-York and Melbourne, I could see that people were really open. When you come to Norway, once you get in the circle then you are in forever. If you’re friend with a Norwegian person then it’s probably going to be your friend for life, but when you’re going to the States for example, they’re just nice to everyone. [Laughs.]

Something you would like to change about yourself?

Self-disappointment, I’m the worst procrastinator ever.

If you could choose a person to trade life for a week, who would it be?

Brad Pitt, first of all, it would be cool to be a guy, and it would be cool to be a handsome one! [Laughs.]

Three qualities to become a song-writer?

You have to be melancholic, creative, and be willing to express your feelings.

An autograph that Céline Dion could have written to you on her album Let’s talk about love?

Her number! [Laughs.] or "Let’s go to the studio together!"


Interview by Marylou on 09/20/2019


And to go further:

Link to the interview of Anna Of The North on Humanvibes


Official website of Anna Of The North


 Facebook page of Anna Of The North


The Badaboum in Paris 



Song “Because you loved me” from Céline Dion

Céline Dion(2011) - Because You Loved Me - Youtube


Norway seen from the sky, relaxation music 

Norway(2018) - Relaxation music - Frantz Amathy - Youtube


Marylou / Humanvibes

Published on 10/16/2019


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